These cool "one-of-a-kind" oppas started SnackFever. Jo is the CEO, Howard the CFO, and David the COO, but they all do everything from social media, marketing, customer support to coding! 

Jo was raised in the Canary Islands of Spain, is a Spanish citizen, and holds a Computer Science degree from Imperial College London. After graduating, he went into finance and then venture capital before starting SnackFever. He's basically gone from selling stocks in London to selling snacks in LA 😂.
Howard was raised in Seoul but moved to Northern California to study Economics at UC Berkeley. After graduating, he moved to LA to join SnackFever.
David was born and raised in the US, grew up in Orange County, and majored in Business and Economics at USC. Before starting SnackFever, he was Jo's intern at his previous firm.

What's the story behind SnackFever?

In 2007, Jo started a Facebook group called “Coreanos que hablan español” (translated as “Koreans who speak Spanish”), a group for Koreans like him from Spanish-speaking countries. In the beginning, there were just a few hundred members, all of them Spanish-speaking Koreans, but then after a few years, out of nowhere, thousands of Latin American girls started joining and the group quickly grew to almost 100,000 members! Back then he had absolutely no idea so many people in Latin America and the rest of the world were so into K-pop, K-dramas and Korean culture in general. 

Started teaching online Korean in Spanish
As the admin, his inbox flooded with questions like "Can you teach me Korean?", "Can you send me stuff from Korea?". So he started teaching Korean in Spanish online. $50~$100 for basic Korean. 200 students applied. He was like WHAT THE...😳.

His students would keep asking him to buy them stuff from Korea, so one day, he came up with the idea of snacks in a surprise box since it was easy for him to find them in the many Korean grocery stores in Koreatown, Los Angeles. They all loved the idea.

SnackFever started as a challenge to see if a company could be started with just $500 by bootstrapping as much as possible. SnackFever was named after DramaFever, whose founders are Jo's friends from the Canary Islands and also members of the Facebook group. They wanted to target the same audience and they figured it would be an easy name to remember. Just like DramaFever, they wanted to offer something addictive! 😂

SnackFever's vision is to become the top global Korean subscription box service by uniting and inspiring the global Hallyu community by delivering happiness through cool products from Korea.

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