Don't panic! We're not going anywhere (well, we moved from LA to Seoul, that's it!)!

Based on your feedback:

  1. We've decided to discontinue the monthly subscription boxes (Original, Deluxe) - for new customers. Now that we ship worldwide, we learned that many countries are still not used to the subscription model. But don't worry, they're still here but simply as one-time-only non-recurring boxes. Current subscribers will still receive their boxes until February of 2019. Prepaid (3, 6, 12 mo) subscribers will receive either a refund on the remaining boxes or SnackFever Cash (introducing very soon). You will receive a separate email/message from us with more details before February 2019.
  2. We're introducing more bundles, limited edition, K-pop themed boxes, and more! - Based on your feedback and requests, we've decided to focus on adding more varieties of snack boxes, as well as ramen and doshirak (ready-meal) boxes. Yes, and vegan/vegetarian boxes are coming too!

We're making these changes because you, our wonderful Fam, have asked for it! We want to offer more and better products!

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