Boxes are shipped once a month between the ******first and second week of the following month******(however, refer below). So for example, if you order in January (1st through 31st 11:59 PM EST), your first box gets shipped in February, second box in March and so on. If you order in February, your first box gets shipped in March and so on.

****** [Updates on shipping  ✈️] Changes starting on April 1st 2019*******************************************************************************

  • Earlier shipping

    Beginning on April 1st, we'll be shipping your boxes early - within 5 to 10 business days of billing/order.
    Rather than having to wait until next month for the monthly boxes (which in reality it's easier for us to ship in one batch), we listened to you and decided that we should go back to how we used to ship and ship within 5 to 10 business days. For those who subscribed/ordered/renewed in February and March, we apologize for the wait. Thanks for understanding 🙏.


After we ship your box, it generally takes around:

  • Japan, Hong Kong, China, and neighboring countries: *5~10 days.
  • Thailand, Singapore, and neighboring countries: *6~10 days.
  • Australia, New Zealand and neighboring countries: *7~12 days.
  • North America: *5~14 days.
  • Europe: *7~14 days.
  • India and the Middle East: *9~15 days.
  • Africa, Central, and South America: *10~20 days.

*Plus a few days for customs clearance. This depends on the country but most countries clear within 2 days (but some countries can take up to 8 weeks). Please note, pick-up may be required due to customs clearance quarantine depending on the country and customs office.

**Due to delays with customs, postal service, extreme weather, and other delays, we kindly ask you to wait 6 weeks after you receive your tracking number until you inquire about the delivery of your box. Trust us. From experience, 99.99% of the times the box will arrive safely.

*We use EST (Eastern Standard Time) for dates and times.

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